Griddles & Grill Pans

About Griddles and Griddle Pans

They empower you to cook with the flavors of summer all year round. They can make nearly every meal easier, faster and stress-free. There's a model to fit any stovetop in any kitchen. Griddles and grill pans, when added to your cookware collection, provide years of tasty food, memorable meals and all-around dynamic cooking.

Why get a grill pan and griddle?

Firstly, what's the difference? The former is a piece of cookware meant to simulate outdoor grilling right over your indoor stove. The ridges along the bottom of the pan mimic grill wiring and leave food with a black char in those characteristic lines. The char gives food a satisfying crust and that signature smoky flavor. Like a barbecue rack, the grooves allow fat to drip off meat as it cooks, not allowing it to boil in the juices. A griddle, on the other hand, is a flat-bottomed pan with wide cooking space and an attached handle for easy movement and handling. Though it lacks the ridges of a grill pan, its level surface has incredible heat conductivity and even heating. It is also easier to clean. Remember to know your stovetop type—gas, electric, electric ring, halogen or glass ceramic—to make sure that your choice is safe for use in your kitchen.

All-Day Griddle Ideas

Breakfast: Eat a breakfast (or brunch) of champions—use the griddle for bacon, pancakes, French toast, eggs and hash browns, diner-style. Toast bread and buns on the grill pan for a satisfying singe.

Lunch: Dream up the next big sandwich combo and make it a reality on the griddle. Put any sort of meat, cheese and produce fusion between two slices of Italian bread and heat them on a grill pan for those signature panini lines. On a rainy or cold afternoon, heat up your favorite comfort food and pair it with a grilled cheese. Experiment with a variety of cheeses, spreads and accompanying soups.

Dinner: Bring summer flavors to the table any time of the year. Cook the perfect burger on either skillet; use the flat variety for an all-around brown patty and the ridged for a barbecue-ready, lined patty. Prepare summer vegetables indoors, too—throw rainbow carrots, zucchini, squash and corn on the grill pan as well for a balanced, colorful plate. To get the perfect char marks, try not to move the vegetables around too much. If the outside presentation of the vegetable isn't a concern, throw the produce on the flat-top instead. To roast a red pepper on the griddle, lie it flat and let each side cook until blackened. After removing it from the heat, let it cool, then peel off the skin to reveal the sweet, juicy flesh.

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