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Individual Cookware

Types of Cookware

Stainless Steel: High-quality, durable stainless steel pans are designed to sear, brown and fry everything from eggs to meat. They are perfect for everyday use with traditional electric or gas ranges.

Nonstick: Designed with a coating that releases food easily, nonstick pans mean cooking is possible with less oil or butter. These pans are best to use with delicate foods and to prepare low-fat meals.

Aluminum: Known for its conductivity, responsiveness and durability, aluminum is a smart choice for fry pans, and its high functionality means it is also used as a core for pans. Many pans are specifically made from anodized or heavy-gauge aluminum.

Cast Iron: Renowned for superior heat retention, cast iron skillets and saucepans transfer easily from stovetop into the oven or even onto the grill. With proper care, case iron is also some of the most durable material available for a pot or pan.

Stoneware: Ideal for baked goods and roasted dishes, colorful glazed stoneware transfers from the oven to the table as a beautiful serving dish.

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