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Christmas Pillows & Throws

Cozy Knit Red Pillow
Selected Color: Red
New Cozy Knit Red Pillow
$59.95 each
'Tis the season to be warm and cozy. With our softest, most luxurious Christmas pillows and throws, ring in holiday cheer while keeping the winter chill at bay. Rich textured blankets, made from materials such as sheepskin and wool, add sophistication to a living room and offer optimal comfort on a snowy day. Use holiday-inspired throw blankets in colors such as red, green and white to change the look of your sofa or sitting chairs for the winter season. Pair Christmas throws with cozy Christmas pillows to complete a simple room makeover. Rich velvet and fur throw pillows are a festive touch for any family room at Christmas. When decorating your home for the holidays, simple decor changes are the easiest way to add a little Christmas cheer to every room. To pair Christmas pillows and throws, make sure to mix and match the color, patterns and textures you choose for plenty of visual interest. Learn more about how to decorate your home for Christmas.
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