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New Furniture

Keely Sofa New Keely Sofa $2,299.00 + Additional Colors
Keely Chair New Keely Chair $1,299.00 + Additional Colors
Keely Ottoman New Keely Ottoman $599.00 + Additional Colors
Avante Chair
New Avante Chair $1,699.00 + Additional Colors
Avante Sofa
New Avante Sofa $2,499.00 + Additional Colors
Avante Queen Sleeper
New Avante Queen Sleeper $2,899.00 + Additional Colors
Aidan Velvet Chair New Aidan Velvet Chair $1,799.00 + Additional Colors
Aidan Velvet Sofa New Aidan Velvet Sofa $2,499.00 + Additional Colors
Tate Queen Wood Bed New Tate Queen Wood Bed Sale $899.00 reg. $999.00
Tate King Wood Bed New Tate King Wood Bed Sale $1,079.00 reg. $1,199.00
Linea Natural 6-Drawer Dresser New Linea Natural 6-Drawer Dresser Sale $2,159.00 reg. $2,399.00
Linea Mocha 3-Drawer Chest New Linea Mocha 3-Drawer Chest Sale $1,259.00 reg. $1,399.00
Linea Mocha 4-Drawer Dresser New Linea Mocha 4-Drawer Dresser Sale $1,619.00 reg. $1,799.00
Linea Mocha 6-Drawer Dresser New Linea Mocha 6-Drawer Dresser Sale $2,159.00 reg. $2,399.00
Linea Mocha Queen Bed New Linea Mocha Queen Bed Sale $1,349.00 reg. $1,499.00
Linea Mocha Full Bed New Linea Mocha Full Bed Sale $1,169.00 reg. $1,299.00
Linea Mocha King Bed New Linea Mocha King Bed Sale $1,529.00 reg. $1,699.00
Linea Mocha Nightstand New Linea Mocha Nightstand Sale $359.00 reg. $399.00
Linea Mocha Floor Mirror New Linea Mocha Floor Mirror Sale $539.00 reg. $599.00
Oxford 2-Drawer Nightstand New Oxford 2-Drawer Nightstand Sale $629.00 reg. $699.00
Oxford 6-Drawer Dresser New Oxford 6-Drawer Dresser Sale $1,619.00 reg. $1,799.00
Oxford 10-Drawer Tall Dresser New Oxford 10-Drawer Tall Dresser Sale $2,249.00 reg. $2,499.00
Oxford 4-Drawer Chest New Oxford 4-Drawer Chest Sale $1,169.00 reg. $1,299.00
Oxford 6-Drawer Tall Chest New Oxford 6-Drawer Tall Chest Sale $1,619.00 reg. $1,799.00
Oxford Queen Bed New Oxford Queen Bed Sale $2,339.00 reg. $2,599.00
Oxford King Bed New Oxford King Bed Sale $2,519.00 reg. $2,799.00
Mason White 5-Drawer Chest New Mason White 5-Drawer Chest Sale $679.00 reg. $799.00
Mason White 7-Drawer Dresser New Mason White 7-Drawer Dresser Sale $849.00 reg. $999.00
Mason White Queen Bed New Mason White Queen Bed Sale $509.00 reg. $599.00
Mason White Twin Bed New Mason White Twin Bed Sale $339.00 reg. $399.00
Mason White Full Bed New Mason White Full Bed Sale $424.00 reg. $499.00
Mason White King Bed New Mason White King Bed Sale $594.00 reg. $699.00
Colette Driftwood Nightstand New Colette Driftwood Nightstand Sale $339.00 reg. $399.00
Colette Driftwood 6-Drawer Dresser New Colette Driftwood 6-Drawer Dresser Sale $1,274.00 reg. $1,499.00
Colette Driftwood 5-Drawer Chest New Colette Driftwood 5-Drawer Chest Sale $934.00 reg. $1,099.00
Colette Driftwood Armoire New Colette Driftwood Armoire Sale $1,699.00 reg. $1,999.00
Colette Driftwood Wall Mirror New Colette Driftwood Wall Mirror Sale $169.00 reg. $199.00
Colette Driftwood Queen Bed New Colette Driftwood Queen Bed Sale $849.00 reg. $999.00
Colette Driftwood King Bed New Colette Driftwood King Bed Sale $1,019.00 reg. $1,199.00
Colette Espresso Queen Bed New Colette Espresso Queen Bed Sale $849.00 reg. $999.00
Colette Espresso King Bed New Colette Espresso King Bed Sale $1,019.00 reg. $1,199.00
Aidan Velvet Wedge New Aidan Velvet Wedge $1,799.00 + Additional Colors
Willow Corner Chair New Willow Corner Chair $1,199.00 + Additional Colors
Davis Sofa New Davis Sofa $1,399.00 + Additional Colors
Davis 3-Seat Sofa New Davis 3-Seat Sofa $1,599.00 + Additional Colors
Davis Chair New Davis Chair $799.00 + Additional Colors
Davis Ottoman New Davis Ottoman $399.00 + Additional Colors