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Candle Holders & Vases

Create a beautifully decorated space with candles, candle holders and vases from Crate and Barrel. Learn more about our stylish candle holders and vases.


Brighten up your space with our selection of candles. Great for adding extra light to the room or just creating a warm and inviting ambiance, our candles are must-have pieces for your home. At Crate and Barrel, you’ll find all the candle styles you need to complement your space, including:

Scented—We have candles in your favorite scents, including gardenia, vanilla and more. We frequently have candles in seasonal scents, such as pumpkin spice and cinnamon. Unscented candles are best for decorating the dining table so the aroma of your food can come through.

Floating—Floating candles look great as part of a statement-making centerpiece or as an accent to other decor. We have a selection of these candles in classic round white styles as well as novelty shapes in fun seasonal colors.

Pillar—Versatile for both casual and formal spaces, pillar candles have a long burning time for multiple uses and are an easy way to add a contemporary style to your space. Find a pillar candle in a color that matches your decor, such as white, ivory, orange and red.

Taper—This classic candle style can be used in beautiful candle holders for a timeless look.

Votive—Votive candles can be used in larger arrangements, scattered in multiples or displayed in singular candle holders. They have longer burning time than tea lights.

Tea Lights—Tea lights are great for scattering on tables as centerpieces. Our clear tea light cups look especially attractive in candle holders.

Flameless—These battery-operated candles have a realistic glow without any flame. Many of our flameless candles also have a timer that will automatically turn off after a designated length of time.

Candle Holders

Candle holders add a sense of warmth and style to any space. We have options in a variety of styles and materials, including glass, marble, metal, wood and more. When you shop our selection, you can choose from a variety of designs, including:

Wall Candle Holder—Stylish and contemporary, our beautiful mounted candle holders that double as wall art.

Pillar—Pillar candles shine in our holders. Available in statement-making elevated styles or coaster designs, our pillar holders enhance the look of these classic candles.

Glass Hurricane—Available in small and large sizes, glass hurricanes look great on dining room tables, living room mantels and more. Because they protect the flame from wind, they’re great for outdoor use as well.

Lantern—Ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, our lanterns bring a rustic look and feel to any space. Lanterns are available in both small and large sizes as well as a variety of colors, including bronze, brass, gold, silver and more. Our lanterns have convenient handles so they can be easily positioned.

Votive—Our votives add a beautiful sparkle and are a perfect accent for any space.

Tea light—These holders enhance the look of tea light candles and make as an elegant, polished addition to your decor.

Taper—Paired with other candle holders or let it shine on its own, our taper holders add a touch of style to your space. Most candlestick holders accommodate taper candles.


Elevate the look and feel of your space with one of our beautiful vases. We have vases in elegant art glass as well as more casual styles. Choose from watertight decorative vases in bold colors and versatile neutrals, including red, blue, white, black, grey and more. We also have clear glass vases to let your floral arrangements take center stage.

Shop our complete selection of candles, candle holders and vases.


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