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Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas centerpieces are a great way to show off your creative skills when entertaining for friends and family this holiday season. Sophisticated and colorful centerpieces will complement any holiday decor and are the perfect finishing touch for almost any room in the home. It’s easy to come up with many Christmas centerpiece ideas to highlight your own personality and style.

Whether you’re going for natural and rustic, or gravitate more toward color and shimmer in your home, conversation-starting holiday centerpieces can be quite simple to put together and help create a cohesive holiday atmosphere in your house.

The key is to start your holiday décor planning early, and figure out which pieces you need to create your ideal Christmas centerpieces. Think colorful ornaments, celebratory linens, rustic baskets, elegant serving pieces, glass bowls, modern vases and other decor. The list of items that can be used for original and innovative holiday centerpieces is truly endless.

Christmas Candle Centerpiece

Creating a Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece

Need Christmas centerpiece ideas to bring your holiday vision to life? Read on for steps on how to create some of our favorite holiday centerpieces.

Jars, Bowls and Vases: Fill a large Mason jar or hand-blown glass bowl with cranberries, then set floating candles of any size on the top. For an even simpler option, fill various sized jars with large round ornaments; colorful marbles; or even painted pinecones. For these three situations, gold and silver can add a sophisticated touch.

Light It Up: Pretty greenery and twinkling candlelight are key to many festive and charming centerpieces. Simply drape your table with pine branches or other greens, add some tasteful candles and you have set the tone for your home this Christmas season.

Decorate the Whole Table: You can easily give your room another pop of color or shimmer by adding a table runner to any setting. Find one that projects the feeling you are going for—think serene snowflakes or festive lights—then build from that idea.

Succlulent and Rock Centerpiece
Wire Centerpiece Bowl
Metal Leaf
Handblown Glass Bowl

Put It on a Pedestal: Find some covered servers, such as a domed platter for pies, then fill with small trees, ornaments or candles of various heights. Or get even more creative and stack a favorite pedestal server with greenery, pretty candles or attractive holiday candy.

Make Use of Gift Wrap: Wrap different sized boxes in festive holiday wrapping paper, stack themfrom large to small like a pyramid, and tie the group of boxes together with a bow. A festive stack can be used as a fun centerpiece, stairway décor or even a doorstopper if there is something inside to weigh it down.

An Idea for a Fun Family Activity: Have your children paint pinecones in holiday hues of their choice. Place the painted pine cones in small baskets or bowls around your home for some holiday cheer in unexpected places.

Nature: Nature. Nature. A tall glass vase full of branches adds height to any setting. Since branches last longer than fresh flowers, you can use the display throughout the holiday season.

Inspiration can be found anywhere

Lastly, for more Christmas centerpiece ideas, why not watch Christmas movies, flip through your favorite home decor magazines or even ask creative friends? You just never know what centerpiece ideas you will come across.

For more Christmas decorating inspiration, check out the Crate and Barrel “Deck the Halls” Pinterest board.

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