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Outlet Dining & Entertaining

Fandango Pitcher
Fandango Pitcher Clearance $14.97reg. $26.95
Fandango Small Bowl
Fandango Small Bowl Clearance $3.47reg. $6.95
Yellow Corn Platter
Yellow Corn Platter Clearance $4.97reg. $16.95
Shoal 10" - 15.75" Bowls
Shoal 10" - 15.75" Bowls Clearance $4.97 - $8.97reg. $8.95 - $29.95
Shoal Platter
Shoal Platter Clearance $7.97reg. $14.95
Figaro Decanter
Figaro Decanter Clearance $14.97reg. $34.95
Tempo Bowls
Tempo Bowls $2.50 - $11.95reg. $3.00 - $15.00
Trifle Bowl
Trifle Bowl $2.50reg. $2.95
Trifle Bowl Set
Trifle Bowl Set $12.95reg. $17.70
Rika Plates
Rika Plates Clearance $3.47reg. $6.95
Welcome Bowl
Welcome Bowl Clearance $4.97reg. $9.95
Welcome Mini Bowl
Welcome Mini Bowl Clearance $3.47reg. $6.95
Sauce Dishes Set of Six
Sauce Dishes Set of Six $4.50 - $6.50reg. $5.70 - $7.50
Set of Six Ramekins
Set of Six Ramekins $8.95reg. $9.00
Viv Sipper
Viv Sipper Clearance $1.97reg. $4.95
Adesso Carafe
Adesso Carafe Clearance $29.97reg. $54.95
Bottle Tags
Bottle Tags Clearance $0.97reg. $4.95
Bottle Tags
Bottle Tags Clearance $4.97reg. $9.95
Wedding Charms
Wedding Charms Clearance $0.97 - $1.97reg. $4.95 each
Jingle Mug
Jingle Mug Clearance $2.97reg. $5.95
Santa Mug
Santa Mug Clearance $4.97reg. $9.95
Set of Six Hana Mugs
Set of Six Hana Mugs Clearance $9.95reg. $11.70
Helena Mustard Tablecloth
Helena Mustard Tablecloth Clearance $18.97 - $29.97reg. $69.95 - $89.95
PVC Coasters
PVC Coasters $1.95 each
Corn Dish
Corn Dish Clearance $1.97reg. $2.95
Serrano Pitcher
Serrano Pitcher Clearance $12.97reg. $29.95
Shop the Crate and Barrel outlet online for dishes, glassware, serveware, kitchen linens and more. Find everything you need for everyday dining and to entertain guests. Our dinnerware outlet features a wide variety of pieces for any style or budget.
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