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Thanksgiving Baking

Chill Factor

For a flaky pie crust, keep your butter refrigerated
until ready to use.

Ruffled Pie Dish Ruffled Pie Dish
$7.95 - $19.95

A Perfect Glow

Brush a beaten egg on
top of your pie crust for
a yellow-golden color
with a shiny finish.

'Tis the season to break out old family recipes and fill your home with the familiar scent of holiday baking. Whip up sweet sugar cookies, warm homemade pies, fluffy meringues and more for your friends and family with the help of Thanksgiving baking supplies from Crate and Barrel. Specialty bakeware like ruffled pie dishes, and pumpkin-themed kitchen materials are must-haves for the holiday season while all-purpose baking tools—pastry blenders, pastry cutters, rolling pins, sifters—are perfect for year-round baking.
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