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Kids Bookcases and Bookshelves

Whether your children are just learning to read or are working their way through another collection of chapter books, display their favorite reads on a kids' bookcase or kids' bookshelf that's scaled to their size. To achieve a classic look in the big-kid bedroom, arrange a stackable children's bookcase so that it's positioned beside the twin bed. Then, add storage, bins, baskets and kid-friendly decor, like stuffed animals, to its shelves. Alternatively, your low bookcase for kids also acts as a nightstand when you place a night light or table lamp on top for nighttime reading sessions. For families with a more eclectic aesthetic, mix and match your children's room bookcases so that different sizes, shapes and colors stand out in their own way. Is your home on the smaller side? Go for a small children's bookcase instead. Or, to take advantage of the vertical space in their bedroom or playroom, use children's bookshelves that are mounted to the wall. No matter your preference, it's easy to create a children's bookshelf display that contains original finger paintings, family photos and figurines.

Bookcases for the Nursery

Looking to inspire a love of reading early in life? A nursery bookcase or nursery bookshelf from the Crate & Kids baby store makes it easy to organize all your family's favorite bedtime stories and picture books. Similar to their kids' counterparts, bookshelves for the nursery are ideal for small-space baby rooms since they don't take up floor space, while bookcases for the nursery are a seamless fit in more spacious homes.