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Sculptures give your space an artful flair and allow you to explore your personal taste. Decorate your tabletop, mantel or even your floor with sculptural art to add style and interest to your space. For a classical look, consider sculptures constructed with materials such as shiny polished brass or hand-welded iron—the materials are, at the same time, throwbacks and timeless. Add to a study or home office and pair with dark-stained wood for a worldly, learned look. Art made with hand wrought iron will, over time, develop a rich green-brown patina and give the space a rustic feel. Wood art will also bring a special flair to the room. Because each piece of wood has individual characteristics, each wood sculpture differs slightly, giving it a distinct personality. Art made with mango wood, for example, will have a rich grain and typically a natural brown color. Medium-sized sculptures propped up on stands make both excellent table decor in the living room and unique dining room table centerpieces. Spherical sculptural decor is trending, and with good reason—pieces look great as bookends on shelves or even on the floor of your entryway, if big enough to make a splash there. Both wood and metal ball-shaped art make beautiful centerpieces. Clustered together in a bowl, scattered along a tablerunner or on display as standalone pieces, the spheres and their 3-dimensional designs add depth to any room. Finely detailed miniature ceramic and glass statuettes bring an captivating charm to an accent table or media console shelf. The technical crafting makes even the smallest sculpture a talking point of the room. Accent elegantly on your mantel, your bookshelves or your coffee table.


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