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Planters & Gardening

Slant Light GreyPlanters
Selected Color: Light Grey
Slant Light GreyPlanters
CZK 1655 - CZK 2206
Grey Ball Planters
Selected Color: Grey
Grey Ball Planters
CZK 3284 - CZK 4112
Square Planters Square Planters
CZK 1379 - CZK 3284
Seed Bags New Seed Bags
CZK 275 each
Howell Planters New Howell Planters
CZK 1930 - CZK 2758
Stacked Rock Planters New Stacked Rock Planters
CZK 2206 - CZK 2758
Sand Ball Planters
Selected Color: Sand
New Sand Ball Planters
CZK 3284 - CZK 4112
Slant Dark Gray Planters
Selected Color: Dark Grey
New Slant Dark Gray Planters
CZK 1655 - CZK 2206
Zinc Square Planters Zinc Square Planters
CZK 1379 - CZK 1655
Tidore Planters Tidore Planters
CZK 2482 - CZK 2758
Dundee Floor Planters Dundee Floor Planters
Set Savings CZK 1930 - CZK 2206 open stock CZK 2068 - CZK 2344
Watering Cans New Watering Cans
CZK 551 - CZK 1103
Zinc Small Square Planter Zinc Small Square Planter
Clearance CZK 827 our reg. price. CZK 1103

Grow and display gorgeous outdoor greenery with planters and garden accessories from Crate and Barrel. Want to showcase flowers, herbs and shrubbery? Try our statement planters and flower boxes. Available in sharp rectangular styles, sleek round designs and more abstract models, our garden planters perfectly accent bunches of flowers, trees and bushes. If you want to hang flowers on a wall or fence, our rail planter hooks are the perfect solution. These garden planter accessories make it easy to attach a matching planter to the sides of decks frames, windows and more. Learn more about our selection of garden planters and accessories for outdoor spaces.


Create a fresh, ethereal space both indoors and out with versatile planters from Crate and Barrel. Several of our designs come with both plastic liners for planting inside and drainage holes that keeps roots of your outdoor greenery healthy and thriving. Choose planters with constructions like rustic earthenware and terracotta, modern-looking iron with an antique bronze finish, and eco-friendly mineral fiber resin. Spice up your patio or sunroom with zesty coordinating colors with matching optional saucers. Alternatively, add a relaxing zen feel to the area with simple matte white vases. Clean, straight lines, square and rectangular shapes, and neutral tones are contemporary-looking, and the greenery growing from the top adds a natural pop of color. Circular ball-shaped flower pots sit low to the ground for an earthy feel and bring to mind the shapes and styles of timeless antique pottery. Planters raised on urban-looking metal architectural stands create an interesting contrast with the organic plants. If growing seasonal botanicals outside, consider lightweight plastic planters. With organic and woodsy or stone grey finishes, the planters retain a natural feel, and the easy-care plastic makes them ideal for outside use, as well as inside. Classic-looking, urn-style plastic planters add a subtle drama to your patio or entryway. Grow your own fresh herbs right in the kitchen with a windowsill herb planter, or outside the windowsill with a hanging rail planter. Fill the versatile rail planter with any variety of flowers, plants or small perennials or annuals. Take your space to the next level with sculptural pots, suitable for use both outside and in, and add unique character to your greenery.

Garden Tools & Accessories

Accent your garden space with coordinating garden tools and accessories. Complement your planters and other decorative pottery with glazed terracotta bird feeders. Not only will they add color and interest to your garden, but they'll attract birds and other animals to bring your garden to life. Hang them from trees, or place them strategically on stands for the best results and overall look. Items like herb scissors and classically-designed watering cans are both functional and beautiful additions to your collection of outdoor decorations. Browse our selection of garden tools and accessories and find exactly what you need to maintain and beautify your botanical oasis.

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