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Find a rug that ties the room together at Crate and Barrel. We have rugs for all rooms of the home, including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, home offices, bathrooms and more. Many of our rugs are hand-knotted and designed exclusively for us by international artisans. Learn more about our extensive rug selection.

How Our Rugs Are Made

As you look for a rug, you’ll want to find one with the right texture. At Crate and Barrel, we have the rug types you’re looking for, including:

Hand-Knotted—In hand-knotted rugs, each tuft is tied and knotted individually by the craftsman using warp and weft construction on a base cloth. No additional backing is needed because each tuft has already been secured by the knot.

Hand-Tufted—To create a hand-tufted rug, the pattern is drawn onto a base cloth. One continuous piece of yarn in the desired color is then punched through the base cloth with a special tool that creates loops on the reverse side. The back of the rug is then coated with latex and fabric (usually cotton) to form the backing and lock the tufts into place. The loops can either be left or cut to make tufts—or create a pattern using both. Rugs are washed after being tufted and sheared to bring out the luster and softness of the fibers. These rugs then will go through many washings to bring out the luster and softness of the pile.

Shag—Shag rugs are hand-tufted or hand-knotted. Some shag rugs have an additional process called felting. Heat and pressure are applied to the larger tufts for a more compact bind. Felting will slightly reduce shedding in wool, but shedding will still continue over the life of the rug.

Loomed—Loomed rugs are constructed either on a hand loom or a machine loom. Depending on the loom, the construction and type of fiber used, a variety of rug types can be created, including flat weave, loop weave, or boucle weave. Colorful rag rugs are also typically loomed. These rugs may or may not have a backing depending on the desired look. Loomed rugs require much less time to produce than a hand-knotted or hand-tufted rug, and therefore will be less expensive.

Rug Materials

As you choose a rug, you’ll also want to find one with the material that best suits your space and lifestyle. We have rugs in a variety of high-quality yarns and fabrics, including:

Wool—A classic rug material, natural wool rugs feel soft and plush to the touch. In wool rugs, the fibers of the tufts are left long, and the wool is loosely twisted, giving tufts a full fiber appearance. Because of this, shedding over the life of a wool rug is a natural characteristic. We have pure wool and wool blend rugs in high and low pile options.

Cotton—Durable cotton rugs have a natural texture that is comfortable to walk on. These rugs are also designed to withstand everyday use.

Natural Fiber Rugs—All of our natural fiber rugs are environmentally friendly products. Each fiber has special characteristics and qualities.

Abaca—Abaca is a banana-like plant. It is a supremely durable and soft fiber derived from the innermost part of the bark, making it an ideal material for rugs.

Bamboo—Bamboo is a fast growing plant that can be harvested within two years of planting. The natural colored wood features a fibrous grain that, when used for rugs, offers a therapeutic feel under the feet.

Jute—Jute is a long, soft and shiny vegetable fiber than can be spun into a coarse long thread. Jute is often mixed with sisal and polyester, which gives the rugs extra strength. Jute rugs can be finished with a latex backing to prevent sliding and surged on the edges to prevent the yarns from unraveling.

Sisal—Sisal is a strong plant fiber extracted from the agave plant. The sword-like leaves are smashed and the pulp is washed away so only long fibers remain. Smooth and durable, sisal can be spun into finely textured yarn. Sisal rugs can be finished with a latex backing to prevent sliding and reinforced with polyester strips for extra strength at the edges.

Polypropylene—Polypropylene is a type of plastic that is used for many products, including resin wicker. It can be melted and spun into yarn.

Rugs for the Whole Home

We have rugs for all rooms of the home, including the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and home office. We also offer indoor/outdoor rugs constructed of synthetic fibers, such as polyester or polypropylene. Used indoors or outdoors, they are impervious to everyday elements and will remain colorfast. These rugs are also UV-protected, mold and mildew-resistant, and can be easily washed clean with a hose.

Browse our huge selection of area rugs, accent rugs and doormats in a variety of materials including wool, cotton, sisal, shag and more. Shop our collection of rugs in a variety of styles and colors, including red, blue, white, black, grey, yellow and more.


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