8 Way Hand Tied Sofas

8-way hand-tied sofas offer excellent support and will stand the test of time in your living room, family room or bedroom.. Crate and Barrel has a wide selection of beautifully made sofas that include an eight-way, hand-tied spring suspension system, which is the gold standard for comfort. Find a variety of shapes and sizes from large sectional sofas to small apartment sofas. Also choose from textiles like leather and upholstered fabric available in a variety of colors to coordinate with other living room furniture. “8-way hand-tied” refers to the way that the suspension system inside the sofa or couch is developed. Done by hand, the process involves wrapping the coils from multiple angles a total of eight times. This process creates excellent comfort because it prevents give in certain areas of the frame, meaning your seat will be supported no matter where on the sofa you sit.


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