Classic Bar Cart Style with 100 Layer Cake

Stocked and decorated black barcart on casters in front of a hanging wall painting

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We’re happy to announce an exclusive partnership with 100 Layer Cake—a beautiful destination for wedding inspiration.

Every month, they’ll show us the creative ways they celebrate life’s special occasions with their favorite Crate and Barrel registry items.

If you stopped by 100 Layer Cake this morning, you might’ve already seen how we added a little bohemian flair to the stunning piece that is the Hobbs Bar Cart. We dig that look, but what we love even more is the fact that you can switch it up throughout the year, depending on your entertaining needs. For our second of two ways, we chose a more classic style (a perfect fit for the cucumber melon tonic we’re sharing below) for all you modern design lovers…

Stocked barcart stocked with alcohol, shakers, jiggers and drinking glasses and decorated with flowers

Marble serving tray on barcart with cocktail glasses and a clear glass liquor decanter

So, why exactly is a bar cart so near and dear to us? For those who entertain (you saw our casual dinner party ideas, right?), the cart is a nice space to anchor some of the mingling, which is especially nice for intimate gatherings with a few close friends. Even with no one around, it makes a date night in feel extra special too.

Bouquet of pale pink roses in vase on black barcart

All bar carts require a few bright blooms, in our opinions—a sweet element to switch up seasonally.

Silver ice bucket on black barcart

Going off of this stainless steel ice bucket, we added a few other stainless steel pieces from the Easton collection. Specifics below!

Roasted almonds in a silver snack bowl on barcart

Stocked black barcart with marble serving tray and four short cocktail glasses laid out

The Hatch Decanter adds a little contrast to the whole thing.

Barcart alcohol assortment next to a cup of straws and a decorative bouquet

Isn’t it nice to be able to put all those Gift Registry goodies on display anyway? Even the barware can double as décor, making it wayyy easier to adorn a (perhaps brand new) space, that’s as lovely as it is functional.

Cocktail ingredients and tools on a marble surface next to a plate of garnishes including lime, dill and mint

Short cocktail garnished with mint and cucumber on a marble surface

A cocktail seemed like a pretty good excuse for showing off the Pryce Rocks Glasses. We created a tonic with cucumber melon gin we made by infusing four cups gin, 1 peeled + chopped cucumber, and 1 peeled + chopped Snow Leopard Honeydew. To make it, combine ingredients, store overnight, and strain before dividing and topping with tonic water.

Collage of essential home barcart accessories, glasses and serveware

Perhaps bohemian vibes are more your thing? Head over to 100 Layer Cake to see a totally different way to style this same bar cart!

Photography: Fondly Forever / Styling: 100 Layer Cake

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