Curtain Hardware

Curtain Hardware 101

Just as you would never leave the house without jewelry, you could never hang a curtain without hardware. The pieces are small and subtle, but they bring all the elements of the window space together and elevate the look of the room. Though it's necessary regardless, the equipment allows you to play off the style of your home—whether that be polished, industrial or modern.

Rods are the base of the curtain hardware, and the main source of support for the drapes themselves. Sturdiness is a vital quality to consider when choosing, especially when hanging a heavier fabric. Finials are on the ends of the rods and can range from a simple knob to a whimsical decoration like a bird or flower and are an easy way to make a decor statement in the room. As for rod material, don't be afraid to mix and match by room. The whole house doesn't need to be uniform. Matte nickel may look best in your bathroom, while the living room needs the sophistication of antiqued brass.

Tie Backs, in the form of hardware, are installed into the wall on the side of the window, about two-thirds down the length of the fabric. They allow you to draw back the drapes in more artful, thoughtful shapes than simply pushing them back allows. Create that iconic swoop of fabric for more dramatic lighting in the dining room or living room for special occasions such as a dinner party or cocktail hour, instantly elevating the elegance of the space. Be sure to choose an attractive metal and finish, one that coordinates with your existing furniture and decor, as it will be plainly visible wrapped around the outside of the curtain.

Rings will typically have hanging clips in which to pinch and secure the fabric. Once again, look for sturdiness and consider how impactful that will be based on the weight of your curtains. If you know for sure that your drapes will not stay permanently open or closed, make sure your rings move easily and smoothly along the rod. You can experiment with the size of the rings, as long as they fit over the rod, as well as the length of the fabric.