Zwilling J.A. Henckels

ZWILLING ® J.A. Henckels VistaClad Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pans ZWILLING ® J.A. Henckels VistaClad Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pans
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About Zwillling J.A. Henckels

Many people are familiar with Zwilling J.A. Henkels as the brand that is one of the top vendors of European knives. The company traces its roots back to the 18th century when Peter Henkels registered the trademark Zwilling with the Cutler's guild in Solingen, Germany. Zwilling is German for "twin" and the Zwilling logo of twins is one of the oldest and most recognizable registered trademarks in the world. Along with Zwilling, the company bears the name of Peter's son Johann Abraham (J A) Henkels.

Throughout its history, the company has embraced innovation and change. In the 21st century, they have grown to acquire some of the great brands in the cookware world including Staub and Demeyer. They have also expanded their product line beyond cutlery and into their own branded cookware.

Zwilling A.J. Henckels Cookware

Crate and Barrel is proud to offer two exclusive lines of Zwilling cookware: Zwilling A.J. Henckels VistaClad Nonstick and Zwilling A.J. Henckels VistaClad Stainless steel.

Ceramic Nonstick

Vista Clad Nonstick is coated with CeraForce, a ceramic nonstick coating that is PTFE- and PFOA-free. This option is a terrific choice for anyone worried about cooking on a nonstick surface. While durable, as with most nonstick surfaces, wooden, silicone or nylon tools should be used. The cookware is oven-safe to 400° F. Beneath the ceramic nonstick coating is tri-ply construction.

Tri-Ply Construction

This kind of construction solves the problem basic to most cookware. Materials that conduct heat, like aluminum or copper, react with foods while materials that do not react with foods, like stainless steel, are poor conductors of heat. By sandwiching a sheet of aluminum between 2 sheets of stainless steel, you create cookware with a heat conducting core that is surrounded by non-reactive stainless steel. Because the stainless steel is 18/10, this cookware can also be used with induction surfaces that use magnetism to generate heat. Both the ceramic nonstick and stainless steel cookware take advantage of tri-ply construction.

Zwilling cookware is also crafted with an eye for detail: the rims are slightly rolled to aid in pouring; the clear, tempered glass lids are reinforced with stainless steel and the handles are securely riveted to the cookware. These are aspects you would expect to find on cookware that retails at a much higher price. Zwilling J.A. Henckles also stands by their product with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects. The company brings the same strict quality to controls to their cookware as they do to their outstanding cutlery. Our collection of Zwilling cookware includes set and open stock options.

Shop our collection of well crafted Zwilling A.J. Henckels Cookware and find a terrific option you will use day after day.

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