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Types of Window Treatments

Use window treatments to control light in a room, to provide additional privacy and to put the finishing touch on the decor in a space. From bold patterns to subtle hues, find curtains, sheers and hardware to suit your taste and decorating theme. Read on for tips and advice about selecting the right window treatments, organized by type, for your home.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains let in the most sunlight, making them ideal for spaces you want well-lit, such as a kids bedroom, the playroom or the kitchen. Most sheer window panels are made with light, breezy materials such as 100% flax linen, 100% cotton or cotton-silk, linen-cotton blends. The airy, relaxed nature of the panels accentuate rustic home decor and give more urban spaces a casual feel. Because of the way the light filters through the curtains, the woven textures and tiny details of the materials will be visible and add a special decorative touch to the room.

Semi-sheer Curtains

Semi-sheer curtains diffuse light similarly to sheer curtains, but ultimately let less light in. A thicker mix of silk and linen lets in a soft, pretty natural light, illuminating the room while minimizing the sun's glare. Semi-sheer window treatments can also be comprised of a sheer front-facing curtain backed by a lining to increase opaqueness. Semi-sheer liners are typically made from a mix of polyester and cotton, a less translucent material than the panel face. These panels are great for bedrooms, some living rooms, and studies and home offices.

Lined Curtains and Draperies

Lined curtains and heavy draperies provide the most privacy of any window treatment, an ideal style for street-facing windows in first floor spaces—living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, sitting rooms. The light-blocking qualities of drapes will also serve to protect from fading in harsh sunlight sofas, tables and chairs positioned near windows. For the ultimate protection from outside light, consider blackout curtains. A 100% polyester liner ensures as much light as possible is kept out of the room, and a 100% cotton curtain panel face ensures the treatment remains chic and stylish. Pair lined drapes with sheer curtains for ultimate flexibility in light control.

Additional Hardware

Window hardware is not only a necessary component to hanging your drapes or curtain panels, but can also provide those perfect finishing touches on your window treatment. The style and finish of your curtain rods, rings and tie backs should coordinate with the rest of the room. Brushed brass, for example, is sleek and glamorous, while antiqued brass has a more classical, rustic look. Understated finials don't draw attention to themselves, and let the spotlight fall on other decorations and accents, while uniquely shaped or textured finials draw the eye to the curtain hardware. Double rods allow you to hang both sheer and lined curtains to control your light and privacy needs.

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