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Modern Board Games & Playing Cards for the Entire Family

Liven up your holiday festivities with modern board games and other fun, family-friendly activities. Do your loved ones have an affinity for word play? Consider keeping a deluxe version of Scrabble nearby. Not only do the board and letter pieces come in contemporary neutral tones, the game also helps decide once and for all who gets to claim the rights to the best vocabulary. For those who prefer modern card games, a deck of modern playing cards helps keep classic favorites up-to-date. Think Old Maid or Go Fish with cards featuring unique designs on the front and back. You can even add a boozy touch to game night with happy hour games that keep you on your toes and encourage the adults to enjoy a cozy wintertime cocktail. If the kids are getting bored sitting around, pull out an indoor hopscotch game to help keep them active and interested. Reside in an area with nice weather all year round? Keep backyard games like bocce ball sets and bean bag toss in mind. Both are ideal for a little pre- or post-dinner competition with friends and family. As a bonus, modern board games also make for fun adult birthday party ideas, so be sure to keep them conveniently stored in your living room ottoman or a nearby bookcase.