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Ansley Vases New Ansley Vases
CNY 133.15 - CNY 199.89
Cove Vases New Cove Vases
CNY 166.52 - CNY 199.89
Element Metal Vases New Element Metal Vases
CNY 466.85 - CNY 860.95
Cascade Vases New Cascade Vases
CNY 400.11 - CNY 600.33
Kora Vases Kora Vases
CNY 400.11 - CNY 667.07
Champagne Glass Vase Champagne Glass Vase
Clearance CNY 733.94 our reg. price. CNY 927.69
Renny Blue Vases Renny Blue Vases
CNY 400.11 - CNY 533.59
Luana Urn Vase Luana Urn Vase
Clearance CNY 233.39 - CNY 600.46 our reg. price. CNY 333.37 - CNY 860.95
Bringham Metal Vases Bringham Metal Vases
CNY 86.43 - CNY 300.00
Alura Oval Ceramic Vases Alura Oval Ceramic Vases
CNY 600.33 - CNY 667.07
Hewett Ceramic Floor Vases Hewett Ceramic Floor Vases
CNY 667.07 - CNY 860.95
Bevin Vases Bevin Vases
CNY 199.89 - CNY 400.11
Dove Grey Vases Dove Grey Vases
CNY 266.63 - CNY 400.11
Allegra Vases Allegra Vases
CNY 333.37 - CNY 400.11
Teeny Bud Vase Teeny Bud Vase
CNY 33.04 - CNY 86.43
Samara Glass Vases Samara Glass Vases
CNY 266.63 - CNY 466.85
Direction Vases Direction Vases
CNY 86.43 - CNY 266.63
Evelyn Vases Evelyn Vases
CNY 133.15 - CNY 179.86
Brooklyn Vases Brooklyn Vases
CNY 99.91 - CNY 199.89 our reg. price. CNY 199.89 - CNY 266.63
Pera Vases Pera Vases
CNY 166.52 - CNY 233.26
Palmetto Vases Palmetto Vases
CNY 99.91 - CNY 333.37
Slant Glass Vessels New Slant Glass Vessels
CNY 86.43 - CNY 133.15

Decorating with Vases

Show off gorgeous floral arrangements with a vase from Crate and Barrel. Find vases in a variety of materials and shapes, including ceramic, metal and glass. Ceramic vases are largely handcrafted and come in a variety of shades and patterns. Add a warm-colored vase to your living room, kitchen or bedroom for a sunny feel or cool-hued vases for a relaxed atmosphere. Keep free of botanicals to give the vase a chic standalone look. You can also add single-stem flowers to make a minimalist statement or full, flourishing bouquets for a fresh, organic look. Clear glass bud vases are perfect for single stems, as well as tea lights, decorative stones and other small candles. For an urban-chic style, look to our sleek metal vases in contemporary shades such as bronze and platinum. Vases add personality to side tables, accent tables, console tables and bookshelves.

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