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Wall Art

Cosgrove Metal Wall Sculpture Cosgrove Metal Wall Sculpture
EUR 145.41 - EUR 252.75
Golden Leaves Wall Art Golden Leaves Wall Art
EUR 125.89 - EUR 223.48
Botanical Basket Metal Wall Art Botanical Basket Metal Wall Art
Clearance EUR 156.14 our reg. price. EUR 243.00
Chimes Metal Wall Sculpture Chimes Metal Wall Sculpture
EUR 194.20 - EUR 350.34
Squares Nail Metal Wall Art Squares Nail Metal Wall Art
EUR 97.54 - EUR 262.51
Teakroot Discs Wood Wall Art Teakroot Discs Wood Wall Art
EUR 97.54 - EUR 174.68
Oona Metal Artwork Oona Metal Artwork
Clearance EUR 102.47 our reg. price. EUR 145.41
Express your unique style with wall art from Crate and Barrel. Choose from standout avant garde pieces as well as subtle art that seamlessly blends with existing furniture and decor. Modern wall art with straight, clean lines and symmetrical designs work best in modern homes with dark wood, metal or mixed material furniture. Metal wall art also works in rustically styled homes, adding metallic textures to wood decor and linen furniture. Wood wall art offers an organic component to any room in need of a fresh element. Choose highly-stylized wood decor for an urban intrigue to contrast the rusticity of the wood. Rough, traditional wood decor is great for accentuating farmhouse-style living rooms or simply adding a natural outdoor element to an urban-chic space. Find wall mirrors and candle holders that are just as functional as wall art. Many of these designs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making the pieces perfect for the backyard patio, living room, bedroom and dining room. Make use of empty wall space and use wall art to explore your personal decor style.
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