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Picture Frames

Acrylic Block Picture Frames Acrylic Block Picture Frames
EUR 10.86 - EUR 45.38
  • wall galery

    4 Easy steps to
    Create a Wall Gallery

  • wall galery

    1. Mix it Up

    For graphic consistency, choose a collection of frames with a similar shape and finish.

  • wall galery

    2. Map it out

    Start by laying out all of the frames and décor pieces on the floor. Trace each one on kraft paper and cut out the shapes. Arrange and tape the pieces to the wall with blue painter’s tape, so as not to damage your wall.

  • wall galery

    3. Nail it

    Once you’re happy with the arrangement, mark the edges of each element and a hole for where the nail will go. Remove the kraft paper and hang each piece in its place.

  • wall galery

    4. Furnish it

    Choose a sofa, credenza or other piece of furniture to anchor the gallery wall. Add dimension to the gallery by leaning frames and décor against the wall in a mix of materials, such as ceramic, metal and glass.

Matte Black Wall Frames Matte Black Wall Frames
EUR 31.75 - EUR 45.38
Eliza Brass Picture Frames
Selected Color: Brass
Eliza Brass Picture Frames
EUR 9.04 - EUR 18.12
Eliza Silver Picture Frames
Selected Color: Silver
Eliza Silver Picture Frames
EUR 9.04 - EUR 18.12
Brushed Antique Bronze Picture Frames
Selected Color: Antique Bronze
Brushed Antique Bronze Picture Frames
EUR 15.40 - EUR 36.29
Matte Black Picture Frames Matte Black Picture Frames
EUR 13.58 - EUR 18.12
Matte Brown Picture Frames Matte Brown Picture Frames
Clearance EUR 6.33 - EUR 9.97 our reg. price. EUR 13.58 - EUR 18.12
5-Piece Matte Black Picture Frame Set 5-Piece Matte Black Picture Frame Set
Set Savings EUR 117.19 open stock EUR 124.23
Black Metal 12x12 Frame
Selected Color: Black
Black Metal 12x12 Frame
Clearance EUR 22.68 our reg. price. EUR 45.38

Decorating with Picture Frames

Picture frames personalize a home. They display photos that evoke warm memories of time spent with friends and family. They feature cherished mementos, such as ticket stubs and greeting cards. Frames elevate everyone's artwork, from first grade art students to professional painters.

Choose a size

Smaller sizes, such as 3x3 and 4x6, work well on wall shelves, bookcases, clustered on dressers, or as part of a display on side and console tables. Larger sizes, including 8x10 and 11x11, create statement-making focal points on empty walls or above mantels. Consider hanging groups of large frames in a hallway to create a gallery-like experience.

Choose a style

Complement your home decorating style by choosing frames that blend with the existing aesthetic. If your home has a classic theme, try black and white frames. To bring warmth to a room, incorporate the glow of metallics. For the contemporary house, acrylics provide a modern aesthetic, while square formats are perfect for displaying today's images captured with cell phones for social media. Light and dark woods incorporate a natural material and texture that work well with photos of outdoor adventures and scenery. Select that material for spaces with rustic decor. To add a polished look to photos and artwork, consider mats. They provide extra space underneath the glass, adding depth and dimension.

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