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How to Choose the Best Bed and Headboard

Settle in for the night with a bed that not only encourages rest and relaxation, but also enhances the aesthetic of your space. Have you always wanted to create a personal sanctuary? Get started by anchoring the primary bedroom suite with a bed headboard that fits your style. Think beds with bookcases along the footboard if you're an avid reader, or keep it practical with built-in drawers on bottom. No matter what type of bedroom furniture you choose, a variety of materials, colors and designs help round out the desired look. Want to learn more? Read on to find out about specific types and sizes of beds, as well as the headboard that works best for you.

Types of Modern Beds, Headboards and Accessories

Platform Beds: Looking for a versatile sleeping solution that still offers ample support? Consider a platform bed. Often featuring a simple design, this type of bed doesn't require a box spring, which means two things: it sits lower to the ground—making it easier for some people to get in and out of—and it completely eliminates any worries of a sagging mattress. Platform beds tend to be durable, easily assembled and often feature open space underneath for extra storage.

Upholstered Beds: If you're the type who enjoys a softer look with a bit of texture, opt for an upholstered fabric bed. Featuring an array of colors and materials, this type of fabric bed suits any style. For instance, one made of leather hints at your preference for a classic take, while upholstered fabric beds lend themselves to a well-tailored aesthetic. Not sure what is the best color scheme? Think darker colors, such as brown and black, in an airy bedroom to create stark contrast, or stick with neutral hues of beige, white and grey for more flexibility.

Beds with Headboards: Want to give your room a little something extra? Go for a bed with a headboard. Similar in nature to upholstered beds, these are readily adaptable—coming in all sorts of colors, designs and materials. Looking to add a hint of sophistication to your space? Consider a headboard bed with channeling or tufting, both of which enhance a mid-century look. If you'd rather keep it simple, stick with one made of traditional wood or even a popular metal, such a brass, for a more industrial approach.

Storage Beds: For those working with limited space, a storage bed might be ideal for you. As its name implies, this type of bed makes clever use of underbed storage—often featuring built-in drawers that make it easy to stow away extra blankets, sheet sets, pillowcases and other bedding essentials. Some even feature shelves that resemble a bookcase, too.

Canopy Beds: In search of more privacy while grabbing a quick nap? Kick back in a canopy bed. Geometrically pleasing, this type of bed typically features four tall posts that add dimension to your space. Use it as is, or add a bit of dramatic flair by draping a piece of sheer linen over the top. Not only does this help create a sense of quiet when enjoying alone time, it also makes a stylish statement.

Bed Frames: Simply put, a bed frame is the support structure of a bed's design. It often refers to the basic metal base that attaches to the headboard, while also supporting the mattress and box spring.

Bed & Headboard Sizes, Styles, Materials and Colors

In need of beds for the whole family? Peruse this selection for styles in queen, king or California king that make a statement, whether situated in the master suite or guest room. For those working with limited space, consider looking into twin or full beds instead. They function as smart tween furniture for your preteen, and also help adult family members sleep comfortably. Whatever your needs, a durable frame helps you rest easy. Think metal for an industrial theme, or any number of wood finishes, including oak, teak, acacia and mango, for a more traditional approach. Still looking for more online or at your nearest store? A stained, lacquered or upholstered touch helps round out the desired aesthetic. Pick one in a color that aligns with your vision, then add an eye-catching touch, such as button tufting, nailhead trims and cutout panels. Do you have children and pets? A heavy-duty synthetic fiber withstands daily wear and tear, while a linen-cotton blend complements a breezy atmosphere. And if you're in the process of creating a wish list for your upcoming nuptials, consider adding a new bed and the best bedroom essentials to your furniture wedding registry.