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Grow. Prepare. Eat.

Garden-to-table cutlery
with sustainable design
for a new generation.

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An exclusive collaboration with Wusthof®
sharing our commitment to the environment
and a return to homegrown.

6" Cook's Knife

An all-purpose chopper for smaller tasks.

7” Santoku Knife

For quick mincing and cutting boneless meats

8" Cooks Knife

An everyday all-purpose chopper.

9" Bread Knife

Serrated edge for clean bread slices.

5" Serrated Knife

Smoothly cuts tomatoes and other veggies.

4" Paring Knife

Peel and dice smaller items.

Pruning Knife

Thin small branches, shape rose bushes, harvest veggies.

Soft, non-slip bolsters provide
safe traction when hands are
wet from gardening and prep.

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