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Rug Pads

Why Use a Rug Pad?

Safety: Some rug fabrics can be slippery, especially on sleek hardwood or tile floors, and the pads keep the mat in place. They especially improve the safety of rugs in areas that are likely to get wet—kitchen rugs in front of the sink and bathroom rugs, for example.

Rug Protection: Removing the friction between the floor and rug, which wears away at the rug and can result in fading, tarnishing of the pattern and threadbare spots, can vastly extend its lifespan. The pad also allows for easier cleaning, keeping the fabric in place while vacuuming, which will keep it in top shape.

Floor Protection: Pads come double-sided to support placement on both firm and soft flooring. Place with the polyester side down for carpeted areas and synthetic rubber for hardwood, linoleum and tile for ultimate safety and to keep the rug from skidding and marking up the floor.

Comfort: Any type of pad will add cushioning to the rug, and you can choose from both thick and thin options. Either design will make a rug softer underfoot and add a plush element to areas with mostly hard surfaces. The pads can even elevate a thin or ragged carpet and are available in a wide range of sizes to fit area rugs and small rag rugs alike.

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