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Breville ® Barista Espresso Machine
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Breville ® Barista Espresso Machine
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Breville Appliances

When it comes to appliances for the kitchen, Breville is a trusted brand recognized worldwide. Crate and Barrel is proud to offer a carefully curated line of Breville kitchen appliances. Learn more about the Breville products we offer.

About Breville

Breville has an interesting history. This Australian company was founded in 1932 when a radio salesman partnered with an engineer and developed a radio that soon became a staple product throughout the country. As television replaced the family radio in the 1950s, the company switched their focus to home appliances, becoming one of Australia's leading brands in kitchen electrics. In the 1990s, the company decided to introduce their line of smartly engineered and beautifully designed kitchen appliances to the North American market. Today, Breville has grown beyond its Australian roots and is recognized as a leading, international brand of kitchen appliances. Breville appliances make use of the latest technological innovations and often incorporate "smart technology" into their machines. By incorporating "fuzzy logic," a Breville Smart Oven or ice cream maker automatically adjusts temperatures for maximum performance.


In the juicing world, Breville is known to be among the best. Their centrifugal juicing system revolutionized juicing by making the extraction process quick and easy. Whole fruits and vegetables are pushed down the feeding tube where they are ground and spun at incredibly high speeds. The juice flows through a tube into a container, and the pulp is ejected into a separate bin. For citrus juicing, Breville has the traditional reamer style that quickly and efficiently extracts juice from lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruits. Crate and Barrel offers a smartly curated assortment of Breville juicers.


A Breville coffee maker is an appliance you are proud to leave on your kitchen counter. We offer several of Breville's beautifully designed and professional-quality espresso makers that give you the power to be your own barista by making a perfect shot of espresso. These handy machines produce a beautiful cup with a frothy crema. If you enjoy steamed milk, the frothing wand quickly heats liquids to add to your coffee. We even offer Breville espresso machines that essentially do all the work for you from grinding the beans to extracting the flavorful brew with 15 bars of pressure.


Breville is known for their countertop Smart Ovens that produce professional results in a compact space. A Breville Smart Oven gives you the power to bake in the manner best suited for the food you are preparing. They include functions for convection baking, toasting and broiling. Beautifully designed, it's another Breville appliance that enhances the look and functionality of your kitchen.

Miscellaneous Products

Crate and Barrel's Breville collection also includes specialty appliances that Breville is known for. Choose from blenders with Breville's patented hemispheric design that efficiently crushes ice as well as it makes smoothies or velvety soups. We also have Breville ice cream makers that churn out your own ice cream recipes with ice cream store consistency as well as Breville toasters with smart settings that give you the power to choose your ideal degree of browness.

Shop our curated collection of Breville kitchen appliances and bring the world of smart technology beautifully paired with good design.

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