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John Boos Cutting Boards

About John Boos Products

When choosing a cutting board, high-quality wood can be the most sanitary choice. John Boos has a variety of hardwood boards suitable for all types of food. Their cutting boards are knife-friendly and reversible, making sanitation easier. All John Boos cutting boards are made from high-quality material handcrafted to hold their value when taken care of properly.

Cleaning and Care

Cutting boards can be difficult to keep clean and sanitary if you are working with meat, especially fish and poultry. Keep the surface of the cutting board clean and dry to avoid contamination. Cut pieces of meat on one side of the board leaving the other side for non-meat items. When finished cutting the meat, scrape the board and wash it with hot, soapy water, but never let it soak. After the board has been washed, dry it off with a towel to keep the board from absorbing any liquid. Use a cream or oil at least once a month to keep it moisturized and protected from absorption. John Boos' protective cream is used to moisturize cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils to prolong quality.

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