USA Pan Bakeware

About USA Pan

USA Pan has been in the industrial bakeware business for more than fifty years. Their commercial grade bakeware is used by leading companies in the USA. Using their long history and deep knowledge, they have developed professional bakeware for the home cook.


USA Pan bakeware uses many of the design techniques found in industrial bakeware. Their pans are crafted from heavy gauge aluminized steel, the material preferred by most commercial bakeries. This durable material is created by "dipping" steel into molten aluminum so
it's completely coated. It combines strength and superb heat conduction for even and efficient baking. The rims are reinforced with steel wires for added strength and to prevent warping. They also feature USA Pans unique corrugated construction that strengthens the pan and increases its longevity. It also creates a baking surface that promotes even cooking and the easy release of baked goods.


USA Pan bakeware is coated with Americoat Plus™, USAPan's proprietary nonstick silicone coating that contains no PTFE or PFOA. It is a clear, environmentally friendly coating that is preferred by many bakers over traditionally dark nonstick coatings. As with most nonstick coatings, USA Pan strongly encourages the use of wooden, silicone or nylon tools with the pans. Metal tools will scratch the nonstick coating and a knife should never be used to cut baked goods that are still in the pan.


USA Pan manufacturers their bakeware at their facility located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With a commitment to the environment, 65% of the steel they use comes from recycled materials. As a company, USA Pan strongly encourages consumers to recycle their bakeware after it has served it usefulness.


Crate and Barrel is proud to carry a curated collection of USA Pan Bakeware. Options include everything you need to outfit a kitchen from jelly roll pans (often called hotel pan and sheet bake pans) to cookie sheets to round, rectangular and square cake pans. We even have muffin and loaf pans. You can buy many of our USA Pan bakeware options open stock as part of a set that offers greater savings.

Shop our curated selection of USA Pan bakeware and discover their professional quality, exceptionally designed options for yourself. For outstanding performance in the oven to easily releasing baked goods, USA Pan bakeware is among the best in the market.

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