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Laundry Baskets and Accessories

Keep your laundry in check with laundry baskets and laundry storage items that add style and functionality to any space. Easily separate lights, darks and gentle wash items in hampers featuring multiple compartments. Use drying racks to hang dry delicate clothing and fabrics, saving room in the dryer for towels, sheets and sturdier outfits. In small spaces such as condos, apartments and lofts, look for collapsible laundry hampers that fold up when not in use. Organize dryer sheets, detergents and fabric softeners in woven totes or wicker baskets with handles for easy carrying. Check out our small laundry room guide for more tips to keep the space organized. Plus, once your wardrobe is done being washed, explore ways to store clothes when low on space. Need to transport multiple loads of dirty clothes? Consider laundry hampers and laundry baskets on wheels to make the job easier. Laundry carts also give the home a playful image. Remove wrinkles from freshly-laundered pants, skirts, dresses and shirts with irons and garment steamers for a polished appearance.

Styles of Laundry Basket and Hamper

Find laundry baskets in a variety of sizes to fit your space, including round, square, rectangular and corner laundry baskets. Think about the room's layout when picking a hamper for your home. Other factors to consider include the number of compartments as well as the clothes hamper's material. Double hamper laundry bins make sense when multiple people are sharing the same one. Or, if you like to sort your clothes before washing (by lights and darks, delicates, etc.), having multiple compartments saves you time come laundry day. Don't forget that laundry bins also serve as stylish decor. Rattan hampers have a natural charm, while canvas ones are soft and come in different colors to suit your aesthetic.