Candle Holders & Vases

Candles, Candleholders and Vases

Candles brighten up your space by adding extra light and by creating a warm, inviting ambiance. To add subtle fragrance to a room, look for scented candles, including floral and fruit scents. For the holidays, choose varieties that complement both seasonal recipes and classic winter scents, such as pumpkin spice and cinnamon. Unscented candles are best for decorating the dining table so the aroma of your food can take center stage. Floating candles bring motion and life to centerpieces during dinners and cocktail parties. Versatile for both casual and formal spaces, pillar candles have a long burning time for multiple uses. Choose tapers, votives and tea lights alone or in combinations to add dimension and interest. Select flameless candles for use in rooms or spaces where you desire a realistic glow without a live flame. For added convenience, look for timers that will automatically turn off after a designated length of time. Looking for gift ideas? Candles make great presents, many for under $25.

Candleholders and Lanterns

Wall candleholders double as wall art and work well in rooms with limited surface area. Use glass hurricanes as the focal point on dining room tables and living room mantels. Because they protect the flame from wind, they're great for outdoor use as well. Lanterns bring a rustic feel to any space and are ideal for indoor and outdoor settings. Use vases to add fresh-cut or silk flowers to tables, window sills and counters, or select a statement piece to decorate bookshelves and console tables.