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Coffee Tables

Steppe Trunk Coffee Table Steppe Trunk Coffee Table Clearance $499.00 reg. $599.00

How to Use and Style a Coffee Table

Coffee tables are typically the largest and lowest of all occasional tables. Position them directly in front of your sofa, leaving enough space between the two pieces of furniture for guests to slide in and take a seat on the couch. Not only great for serving snacks and beverages, coffee tables also give you more space for display items in your family room or living space. Because of its position in front of the sofa—usually the focal point of the room—the tabletop is a prime place for beautiful, hardcover books, botanicals in vases, standout centerpiece bowls, tiny statuettes and more. When choosing a size and design, consider it in relation to your couch. If you have a long sectional sofa, a large rectangular wood table may work best, while a small round-top glass option may better suit an apartment sofa or loveseat.

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