7 Room Divider Ideas

Whether you’re living in a studio apartment or your home enjoys a large open floor plan, dividers provide a stylish way to create rooms-within-a-room. The beauty of a room divider—as opposed to a wall divider—is its impermanence. Room partitions can be anything from movable screens, solid or opaque fabrics, or simply furniture, cleverly positioned to define an area or offset a zone. Here are seven of our favorite designs for room divider ideas.


Classic bookcases are some of the most elegant room dividers to place in your home, and can be stacked in a variety of ways.

Use a series of bookcases to create an entryway with storage.

Positioned here, your shelves not only can serve a practical purpose—a spot to set your keys, house your bag, stack your scarves, etc—but can expand or restrict the space of the entryway itself. Choose an open bookcase, and your separator will offer guests a glimpse of the rest of the home while still maintaining the appearance of a solid “wall.”

Use a stacked bookcase system to create a custom room divider.

Different configurations of stacked shelving can delineate a living room, separate off a dining room, or partition a foyer without compromising the open feel of a larger room—whether stacked high or low. Bookcases are also a tasteful pedestal for sculptures, artwork, or a collection.

Room screens and curtains are a creative alternative to using bookshelves as room dividers—and they’re easy to move as needed.

Add drama and division to a room by suspending a curtain rod and drapes from your ceiling.

Just as window treatments allow the curtains to be drawn for privacy, fabric panels hung elsewhere indoors create similar sectioned-off spaces. Best of all, you can easily open or close the curtains as needed, and they can help diffuse noise, too, making them perfect for your bedroom space.

Create a mobile room divider with a rolling rack and a curtain.

Instead of hanging clothing or coats on a rolling rack, attach a curtain—aesthetically, the visual weight of fabrics allows them to reconfigure rooms in much the same sense as a wall. But this “wall” can be maneuvered where needed.

Consider a decorative screen room divider as part of your art collection.

A tall screen not only delivers interest and personality to a kitchen, entryway or living room while divvying up the space, it can also add the illusion of height to a room with lower ceilings.


Think creatively about room divider ideas. Unexpected decorative elements—like plants or floor lamps—can fill in and define areas as well.

Push together three floor lamps to create a lit divider.

Any aligned series of tall lamps will create a similar divisive effect, but a boxy shape and architectural lines neatly partition an area when grouped, much like a wall. Plus, you can illuminate both defined zones with the flick of a switch.

Hanging plants can split up space—and bring in life.

Try building a modern green wall, mounting a line of delicately hung air plants, or (if you have adequate light in your home) a line of taller potted palms works as well.

What are your favorite room divider ideas? Share them with us by using the hashtag #CrateStyle.

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