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KitchenAid Red 2-Slice Toaster
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KitchenAid Red 2-Slice Toaster
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KitchenAid Products

Find high-quality KitchenAid small appliances at Crate and Barrel. KitchenAid's line of premium countertop appliances harness the power necessary to make preparing dishes and baked goods easier for both novice and professional cooks. Learn more about our selection of KitchenAid small appliances, including stand mixers, hand mixers, pasta presses, ice cream makers and more.

Stand Mixers

A signature piece from this well-established brand, the KitchenAid stand mixer is a must-have appliance for any home cook. Both a durable kitchen workhorse and beautiful statement piece, these small appliances make it easy to mix together ingredients for cakes, cookies, breads and other baked goods. Find KitchenAid mixers in a wide variety of bright, bold colors, including red, light blue, navy blue, green, yellow and purple. We also have stand mixers in versatile shades, such as white, cream, black, copper and grey.

Stand Mixer Attachments

Want to get the most out of your KitchenAid mixer? Browse a variety of attachments that give your mixer additional functionality, including:

  • Pasta Rollers, Cutters and Presses—Homemade pasta is easy to make with these handy attachments. Simply use your pasta dough with the rollers and cutters to make spaghetti, linguine and fettucine noodles. The presses create uniform pasta shapes, such as macaroni, rigatoni and more.
  • Food Grinder and Processors—Highly versatile, these attachments can grind everything from meats and vegetables to fruits and cheeses.
  • Spiralizer—The spiralizer attachment makes it easy to peel and slice. Spiralize vegetables into a pasta substitute, potatoes into curly fries and much more.
  • Citrus Juicer—KitchenAid stand mixers can quickly double as a powerful juicer with this add on. Simply use this attachment to extract juice and strain pulp from your favorite citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits.
  • Grain Mill—With this attachment, you can grind wheat, corn, barley and a variety of other grains. The grain mill features 12 settings so you can choose the coarseness of your grind.
  • Ice Cream Maker—Making your favorite frozen treat is easy with this attachment. Use this add-on to make homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt and other desserts.


These KitchenAid small appliances are a must-have for whipping up smoothies, blended coffee drinks, soups, sauces and more. KitchenAid blenders feature settings to stir, chop, puree and liquify so you can get the exact blended texture you want for whatever dish or drink you need to prepare.

Electric Tea Kettles

Heat up water for a cup of tea in minutes using a KitchenAid electric tea kettle. These kettles can hold up to 1.7 quarts of water so you can make both small and large batches of your favorite hot beverages.

Hand Mixers

For smaller mixing jobs, try KitchenAid hand mixers. These handheld mixers are great for mixing up small batches of mashed potatoes, whipping cream and much more. Mixers have seven speeds to give you more precision and control when needed.


Toast breads, bagels and more using a high-quality toaster from KitchenAid. These appliances have varying toasting levels so you can get just the right amount of toasting you need. KitchenAid toasters also have settings for defrosting and reheating for quick, convenient meal prep.

Find all the essentials you need for your kitchen. Shop our selection of KitchenAid small appliances.

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