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Baking Tools & Utensils

Glass Measuring Cups Glass Measuring Cups
RON 12.60 - RON 42.51
KitchenAid ® 13-Piece Prep Set KitchenAid ® 13-Piece Prep Set
Set Savings RON 213.60 open stock RON 226.20
Silicone Basting Brushes
Selected Color: green
Silicone Basting Brushes
RON 16.88 each
Set of 2 Beehive Mini Spatulas Set of 2 Beehive Mini Spatulas
Clearance RON 29.78 our reg. price. RON 42.51
Large Bee Silicone Spatula Large Bee Silicone Spatula
Clearance RON 29.78 our reg. price. RON 42.51
Red Silicone Whisks Red Silicone Whisks
RON 33.97 - RON 42.51
Metal Handled Whisks Metal Handled Whisks
RON 38.24 - RON 51.06
Strainer-Sifters Strainer-Sifters
RON 16.88 - RON 63.88
7-Piece Reversible Biscuit Cutter Set 7-Piece Reversible Biscuit Cutter Set
Clearance RON 35.76 our reg. price. RON 51.06
Cookie Stamp Cookie Stamp
Clearance RON 13.54 our reg. price. RON 38.24

Types of Baking Tools & Utensils

  • Measuring Spoons: provide precise measurements of small volumes and quantities, usually in teaspoons or tablespoons.

  • Measuring Cups: provide precise measurements of larger volumes and quantities, such as cups and quarts. Measuring cups are available for both dry goods and liquids.

  • Spatulas: stir ingredients and scrape the sides of bowls
    Turners: aid in removing baked goods, such as cookies, from baking sheets.

  • Rolling Pins: roll smooth, even layers of dough for pastries, breads and more.

  • Whisks: aerate, stir and blend both wet and dry ingredients together to remove lumps in mixtures.

  • Sifters and Strainers: Sieve and aerate flour, strain liquids and sauces, and dust sugar onto baked goods.

  • Baking Mats: provide a non-stick surface for preparing doughs. They can also be placed on baking sheets for easy cooking and cleanup.

  • Cookie Cutters, Presses and Stamps: create uniform shapes and indentations for cookies.

  • Pastry Tools: icing spatulas, pastry cutters and pastry blenders aid in preparing cookies, cakes, pies and other desserts.

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