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Must-Have Kitchen Electrics

Power up your cookware with tiny but mighty small kitchen appliances and electrics. Specialty appliances help you prep easier, cook smarter and eat healthier. Stock your countertop with blenders, toasters and coffee makers, and your cupboards with food processors, juicers, mixers and more.


Juicers are a necessary appliance in any modern kitchen. High-speed centrifugal juicers make energizing, nutrient-packed drinks from whole fruits and vegetables to enjoy at home or take on the go. Concoct fresh, homemade lemonade and orange juice at the click of a button with citrus juicers.


A good blender can do it all, from slushy frozen drinks and tasty smoothies to velvety soups. Personal blenders and bullets are great for single-serve smoothies and have a place on every counter. Hand blenders can be used in nearly any pot or bowl, making them ideal for soups and sauces.

Food Processors

A powerful motor and wide variety of attachments make possible food processor uses endless. Use this kitchen gadget for chopping, dicing, slicing, mixing and other basic food prep or get creative and make doughs, nut butters, dips and more.


A must-have for any home baker, electric mixers allow you to whip up crispy cookies, airy meringues and gooey brownies with ease. Hand mixers are a classic registry gift for newlyweds and make excellent housewarming presents. KitchenAid stand mixers are available in a rainbow of hues and are sure to make a colorful style statement in your kitchen.

Toasters and Toaster Ovens

Toast isn't just for breakfast anymore—brown bagels for a toasted midday sandwich or create a top toasted bread with smoked salmon and capers for a tasty, healthy dinner. Use toasters for plain bread, bagels and English muffins, and reheat frozen foods, leftovers and open-faced sandwiches in space- and energy-efficient toaster ovens.

Specialty Kitchen Appliances

Keep your kitchen up-to-date with specialty appliances and cookware designed to work for the contemporary cook. Waffle makers, ice cream makers and rice cookers are excellent investments for families. Air poppers, egg cookers and food scales keep the health-conscious on track. Appliances like fryers, griddles, and electric pasta makers and fondue pots help you prepare creative and tasty dishes. Kitchen appliances make home cooking quick, easy and fun, usually just with the click of a button.

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