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Waffle Maker Styles: Belgian, Mini, Double

Add a fun and delicious touch to breakfast with a waffle maker. Whether you're cooking for the family or hosting a brunch bash, waffle irons are crowd-pleasers. When selecting one for your kitchen you have several options in terms of style and brand. Do you want your waffles to be especially soft and fluffy? Belgian waffle makers create classic and scrumptious breakfast treats. All-Clad Electrics is one smart choice for this kind of waffle iron. Or, explore another 4-slice option with a Krups Belgian waffle maker. If kitchen space is limited, don't fret. Conveniently-sized mini waffle makers store easily in cabinets and cupboards. Plus, even if storage room isn't an issue, the waffles' petite portion size makes them as cute as they are tasty. Be sure to pick a design that fits both your stylistic and dietary taste.

Making the Most of Your Waffle Iron

One of the best parts about waffle makers is the creativity they allow for in the kitchen. Try setting up a topping station where family and friends design their ideal breakfast treat. Chocolate chips, Oreos and more are decadent waffle add-ons, while fruit such as strawberries and bananas offer a light and healthy alternative. If you have a small waffle maker, why choose? Take advantage of the tinier portion sizes by experimenting with different topping combinations—just don't forget the powdered sugar on top. Waffle makers from brands such as Calphalon, Cuisinart and Breville also craft the waffles in different shapes. No matter your breakfast preferences, it's simple to make creations that look as good as they taste.

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