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BBQ Accessories for the Perfect Grilling Experience

Grilling has grown in popularity and it is no longer just a warm weather activity. At Crate and Barrel, you will discover BBQ tools and accessories that will keep you cooking all year long. Learn more about the grilling tools, grills, BBQ and grill accessories.


When it comes to grilling, there are some who prefer charcoal, others who favor gas or propane. The charcoal camp loves the high heat and smoky flavor charcoal grilling imparts. This style of grilling also provides manual heat control for both direct and indirect heat grilling. The gas advocates favors the quick heating, easy heat control and speed of cleanup that a gas grill provides. Each has its passionate advocates and we offer grill options by Weber that will satisfy either grilling preference. Our Weber charcoal grills feature the brand's signature kettle style that ensure even heat distribution. Our Weber gas grills boast a generous cooking surface and easy heat control. We also have portable grills for on-the-go barbecuing. Whether you're at the beach, in a park or tailgating, our portable gas or charcoal grills will get you cooking in no time. For those situations where open flame cooking isn't an option, we even have an electric grill that is both portable and can be used with charcoal when an electrical outlet isn't handy.


Grilling tools are essential when it comes to outdoor cooking. Long handles keep hands away from heat and add to the ease of grilling up your favorite meats and vegetables. We offer turners, tongs, spatulas and forks made from heat resistant materials like stainless steel. We also have heat-resistant gloves to protect your hands. Select basting brushes made from silicone for easy clean up that slather on your favorite BBQ sauce. When is comes to grilling seafood and vegetables, skewers are a must. Our selection of non stick and double skewers makes is easy to grill bite sized food such as shish kebab, satay or en brochette. The ability to measure heat is important for many grillers so steaks and chicken don't overcook and dry out. We carry digital thermometers with Bluetooth connectivity as well as button thermometers to ensure everyone's meat is grilled to their preferred doneness. Once the grilling is over, use one of our heavy duty grill brushes to get grill grates clean and ready for the next outdoor cooking opportunity.

Grill Accessories

Grilling is more than throwing meat and vegetables on a hot grate to cook, and Crate and Barrel offers thoughtful accessories that expand your BBQ repertoire or make it easier to grill your favorite foods. A grill's high heat makes it a perfect way to whip up pizzas with crispy crusts and a flavorful hint of char only grilling can impart. We carry pizza stones and pans that simplify pizza on the grill. Select from our thoughtful collection of grilling baskets that include options for corn on the cob and even quesadillas. We also have options for delicate vegetables and seafood that prevent these often difficult to manage foods from falling through the grate. Cast iron is a traditional material that many BBQ and grilling enthusiasts prefer and we carry a terrific assortment of Lodge cast iron pans and skillets that go effortlessly from grill to table. Don't overlook those items that make preparing food for grilling a breeze. From burger presses that form patties of uniform thickness for easy cooking to prep cups and sauce pots to keep all your ingredients at hand and ready to use, you'll find BBQ accessories that will excite and increase your grilling prowess.

Shop our complete collection of thoughtful BBQ accessories, grills, and grilling tools and accessories so you can enjoy this popular cooking method anytime of the year.

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