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Cooking Utensils

KitchenAid ® 13-Piece Prep Set KitchenAid ® 13-Piece Prep Set
Set Savings INR 3450 open stock INR 3653
OXO ® Nylon Utensils OXO ® Nylon Utensils
INR 482 - INR 2759
Non-Stick Poach Pods With Lifter Non-Stick Poach Pods With Lifter
Clearance INR 757 our reg. price. INR 1239
Rösle Locking Tongs Rösle Locking Tongs
INR 1998 - INR 2205
Waffle Tongs Waffle Tongs
Clearance INR 343 our reg. price. INR 549
Wok Spatula Wok Spatula
Clearance INR 412 our reg. price. INR 687
Wok Ladle Wok Ladle
Clearance INR 412 our reg. price. INR 687
Jar Spatulas
Selected Color: red
Jar Spatulas
Clearance INR 136 each our reg. price. INR 204 each
Silicone Basting Brushes
Selected Color: green
Silicone Basting Brushes
INR 273 each
Red Silicone Whisks Red Silicone Whisks
INR 549 - INR 687
Chef'n ® Steamsum Stacking Steamer Chef'n ® Steamsum Stacking Steamer
Clearance INR 1585 our reg. price. INR 2757
Wood-Handled Grill Tools Wood-Handled Grill Tools
INR 1722 - INR 2067
Red Grip 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set Red Grip 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set
Set Savings INR 3447 open stock INR 4130
Set of 4 Campfire Forks Set of 4 Campfire Forks
Set Savings INR 2067 open stock INR 2470

Types of Cooking Utensils

  • Tongs: Tongs can be used for gripping, grasping, turning and flipping food, making them Ideal for grilling meat, tossing salads and serving.

  • Ladles: These deep spoons hold liquids well and are perfect for serving soups, sauces and broths.

  • Spatulas: Flip and serve food with a slotted turner-style spatula, or scrape bowls with a rubber scraper-style spatula.

  • Whisks: Beat, blend and aerate dry ingredients, sauces, and liquids before or during cooking.

  • Spoons: Wooden spoons are ideal for stirring, cooking and sauteing foods. Slotted spoons are excellent for serving foods.

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