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Nespresso Machines

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About Nespresso

Nespresso revolutionized the coffee world by developing one of the best single serve coffee experiences. The system was the brainchild of Alfred Yokum, an engineer working in Nestlé's Research and Development division. He was inspired by a trip to Italy where he enjoyed the espresso and wondered if he could develop a machine that could deliver the same intensely flavored beverage with a rich crema in a simple user-friendly way. After several prototypes, the Nespresso espresso machine was born, and today the brand estimates that around the world, more than 8000 cups of Nespresso espresso are enjoyed every minute.

The Coffee

Nespresso builds its reputation on a trilogy: taste, touch and feel. Taste refers to Nespresso's expertise in coffee and the assortment their system offers customers. Taking a page from the world of wine, they call their capsules "Grand Crus," and their high quality and variety of espresso sets them apart from other one-cup systems. Each grand cru is a blend for Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Arabica beans are grown at higher altitudes and tend to be balanced and delicate in flavor. Robusta beans are grown at lower elevations and are intense and powerful. By blending these bean varieties, Nespresso has created 21 grand crus that range in intensity from 2, the fruity and delicate Decaffinato, to 12, the dark Kazaar. They also release a seasonal series of coffees that introduce new flavors and intensities. For Nespresso, intensity is determined by the degree of roasting, its body and bitterness and does not indicate the amount of caffeine in the grand cru. They liken their grand crus to wine and suggest Nespresso owners sample them all to find the blends they enjoy. When it comes to the bean, only 1% of the top 10% are good enough to be transformed into a grand cru.

The Machines

Touch refers to Nespresso's intuitive and easy to use machine. All Nespresso machines are easy to operate. Fill the reservoir with water and turn it on. Insert a capsule, and with a push of a button, you'll have a delicious espresso shot. All Nespresso machines have the same quick heating mechanism and 19 bars of pressure to extract the best coffee from their capsules. The biggest difference between them is the outward style and added functions like frothing wands or Bluetooth technology that expands the convenience of the coffee or espresso machine.

The Club

Feel refers to the Nespresso Club. Nespresso is unique in the world of single serve coffee because they tightly control their capsule inventory. This ensures that customers are always getting the freshest coffee and helps Nespresso manage the quality of their brand. That is why when a customer buys a Nespresso machine, they can activate their membership in the Nespresso Club, another aspect of the Nespresso experience. The club gives customers the ability to order capsules with the utmost ease and provides access to Coffee Specialists that can guide and assist. Capsules are extremely easy to order, which can be done over the phone, online or through an easy-to-navigate app. As an exclusive service, the Nespresso Club will collect and deliver a loaner machine for free should the customer experience issues with theirs during the warranty period.


Nespresso is always innovating and improving their brand. From new coffee flavors to new machines, they are keeping their products fresh. Along with their iconic espresso machines, Nespresso has introduced their Vertuo line that uses a larger capsule for a bigger cup of coffee. They have also recently introduced their Prodigio machines that takes advantage of Bluetooth technology and connects with a smartphone using an app.

When it comes to espresso, espresso based drink and coffee, shop our selection of Nespresso machines and find the perfect one for your entertaining needs.

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