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Swimmers Print Swimmers Print
Clearance $375.00 reg. $500.00
Tribal One Print Tribal One Print
Clearance $390.00 reg. $600.00
Serenity Print Serenity Print
Clearance $520.00 reg. $650.00
Forge Print Forge Print
Clearance $120.00 reg. $200.00
Below Print Below Print
Clearance $175.00 reg. $250.00
Envision Print Envision Print
Clearance $150.00 reg. $250.00
Decorate your home with artful wall prints from Crate and Barrel. Make a statement with loud, vibrant colors or subtly accent the room with soft hues and neutrals. Find a print that expresses your personal style and creates a unique feel to the space. Choose from gracefully painted fruit and vegetable or playful farm animal art for the kitchen or dining room. Experimental abstract prints work in any room and create a visual centerpiece on the wall. Framed prints both add dimension and allow you to coordinate with other room accents—dark wood frames like walnut complement dark-stained wood accent and coffee tables, for example. Consider a canvas print for added definition and a lithograph canvas for high-quality artist reprints sure to draw attention. Wall prints add an extra oomph and are the perfect addition to any home.
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