Decorating Tips for the Bedroom

Think of the hours upon hours you spend in your bedroom, the place where you rest and recharge for whatever life brings. It’s important to love the way it looks, so try our bedroom decorating ideas to update your space in ways both functional and creative.


Make it Cozy

Think about what makes the rooms at your favorite hotel feel so nice: Is it the pristine all-white bedding? The ultra-thick drapes? Whether it’s a gracious master or a vintage nook, your bedroom at home can feel just as comfortable when you fill it with soft, pleasing textiles. An upholstered accent chair in one corner is perfect for curling up with a book or chatting on the phone, and an upholstered bench or loveseat placed at the end of the bed creates an easy landing spot for slipping on your shoes, packing your weekend bag or setting aside decorative pillows for the night. If your room has hard floors, add a large area rug that’s situated partially beneath the bed so your feet find a plush surface in the morning (we like durable wool rugs with a pad underneath for extra cushioning in the bedroom). Consider layering curtains—lined cotton panels for the top layer and sheer linen or silk underneath—so you can have darkness and privacy at night but allow plenty of natural light to filter in during the day.

Make it Inviting

The quickest and easiest way to update your bedroom is to replace your bedding—maybe you’re tired of that floral duvet cover and are ready to freshen up your room’s look with a cleaner, more subtle print. Avoid empty walls and instead give the space a familiar, lived-in feel by hanging calming artwork and framed family photos.. Use bedside lamps with dimmers or 3-way switches so you can keep things soothingly dim when you want, and consider using a chandelier in the middle of the room for a touch of formal glamour. One of our favorite bedroom décor ideas is to use a coordinating furniture collection to unify the look of the room--a bed, dresser and nightstands that match--then layer in contrasting upholstered pieces, textured rugs and accent pillows to soften the effect. Finally, keep fresh flowers on your nightstand or dresser—they’ll instantly put you in a happier mood.


Make it Neat

It’s hard to de-stress in a cluttered environment, so don’t overcrowd your bedroom with furniture. Keep only the pieces you really love and those that serve a true purpose. Also, while a few decorative pillows can add polish to the look of the room, don’t flood your bed with them or you’ll spend too much time taking them off and putting them back on when you make your bed in the morning—and yes, mom was right, the neatness of a nicely made bed will make you feel more relaxed.

Make it Yours

Take your time when choosing furniture, textiles, lighting and art for your bedroom. Scour design magazines, catalogs and great hotels for master bedroom decorating ideas that feel like a fit for your home. Collect things you’ll love living with for the long run. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and should reflect your taste and soothe your senses more than any other room in your home.

How do you decorate your bedroom? Share your favorite tips and ideas with us by using the hashtag #CrateStyle.

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