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Drip and Automatic Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers have been the standard in homes and offices for decades, and for good reason. When you learn how to brew coffee with an automatic drip coffee maker, it’s easy to enjoy full, rich flavor every morning. Whether you’re serving a large group or want a couple cups to yourself, these coffee machines ensure that there’s plenty of java to go around. Don’t be deceived by their traditional reputation; automatic drip coffee makers offer a range of modern conveniences, from scheduled brewing timers to frothing arms and built-in bean grinders. For weekdays, set your automatic coffee maker the night before so you’ll be able to pour a hot mug when you wake up. Hosting brunch? Set the automatic coffee maker’s timer so that it starts brewing just before the guests arrive, then bring the coffee to the table in a sleek carafe. However you choose to use it, an automatic coffee maker is a must-have for shared spaces and coffee-loving homes. Be sure to keep an eye out for popular options, including Cuisinart and Breville coffee makers.