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Saute Pans and Chef's Pans: Essential Cookware

Saute pans are versatile kitchen staples that come in handy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you're preparing vegetables, cooking meat or reducing a pan sauce, chef's pans are the tools for the job. They typically have straight sides and come with a lid, unlike many frying pans and skillets. Plus, their larger surface area offers more room to cook and less chance of liquids spilling over the edge. Not sure which type is the best fit for your culinary needs? Stainless steel saute pans are a classic choice that heat your dish evenly. Copper saute pans, meanwhile, also conduct heat efficiently while adding a stylish touch to your cookware collection. Want to really bring your personal style to the kitchen? Ceramic saute pans have a soft and modern image that meshes especially well with minimalist aesthetics.

Saute Pan Brands

In addition to the pan's material, it's also worthwhile to consider its brand when selecting one for your kitchen. Investing in trusted products assures that they're going to retain their quality far into the future. Calphalon saute pans, for example, offer non-stick surfaces in stainless steel or hard-anodized aluminum, making them reliable picks. Or, take a different route with Le Creuset saute pans. Their toughened construction and steel handles elevate your cooking skills.

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