Welcome Love In

Real love. Real couples.

And inspiration from their Crate and Barrel wedding registries, for real.

Kim and Scott

Married November 8, 2008

It was the very first
gift we received.
It was our first
grown–up cutting board.

Jack and Diane

Married April 20, 1975

I can promise you
one thing, it’s going
to be an adventure.

Nicole and Maria

Married November 5, 2016

You’re getting married
for life, so register for life.

Joel and Clare

Married October 18, 2008

We’re not rom-com
romantic. We’re like
documentary romantic.

Chad and Dave

Married September 27, 2014

He opened the
door and flashed this
amazing smile.

Pierre and Adriene

Married April 8, 2017

Now that the wedding
is over and we’ve gotten
all the things that we’ve
gotten, i feel like we kind
of stepped our game up
a little bit—an upgrade.

Melissa and Javier

Married August 6, 2011

Every time I take
out the things people
gave us, I think of them.

Cheryl and John

Married April 23, 1983

He’s my best friend.

Kimberly and Phillip

Married November 12, 2005

My favorite part about
the wedding, actually,
was when it was over.
Our forever life began
that moment.

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