Christmas Decor

Spruce Pillow New Spruce Pillow
EUR 35.39 each
Cozy Knit Red Pillow
Selected Color: Red
New Cozy Knit Red Pillow
EUR 53.10 each
LED Snowflakes New LED Snowflakes
EUR 35.39 - EUR 44.25
Flocked Pine Trees Flocked Pine Trees
EUR 26.53 - EUR 88.54
Klara Pillow New Klara Pillow
EUR 105.41 each
Aurora Pillow New Aurora Pillow
EUR 53.10 each
Frost Pillow New Frost Pillow
EUR 61.96 each
Lumi Pillow New Lumi Pillow
EUR 53.10 each
Chalet Pillow New Chalet Pillow
EUR 53.10 each
Grace Pillow New Grace Pillow
EUR 61.96 each
Snowman Pillow New Snowman Pillow
EUR 61.96 each
Lametta Pillow New Lametta Pillow
EUR 44.25 each
Laser-Cut Animals New Laser-Cut Animals
EUR 2.61 - EUR 10.45
Laser-Cut Trees New Laser-Cut Trees
EUR 11.47 - EUR 42.39
Metal Trees Metal Trees
EUR 35.39 - EUR 88.54
Nutcrackers New Nutcrackers
EUR 88.54 - EUR 264.86
LED Birch Trees New LED Birch Trees
EUR 53.10 - EUR 176.28
Antique Glass Gold Lit Trees Antique Glass Gold Lit Trees
EUR 17.67 - EUR 61.96
Tree Candles
Selected Material: Green
New Tree Candles
EUR 8.81 - EUR 30.96
White Tree Candle
Selected Material: White
New White Tree Candle
EUR 8.81 - EUR 30.96
Red Pillar Candles
Selected Color: Red
New Red Pillar Candles
EUR 7.04 - EUR 15.01
Delia Red Vases New Delia Red Vases
EUR 17.67 - EUR 26.53
Zinc Reindeer
Selected Color: Zinc
New Zinc Reindeer
EUR 9.70 - EUR 88.54
Silver Reindeer
Selected Color: Silver
New Silver Reindeer
EUR 9.70 - EUR 15.01
Brass Reindeer
Selected Color: Brass
New Brass Reindeer
EUR 9.70 - EUR 15.01
Petaluma Black Metal Lanterns
Selected Color: Black
Petaluma Black Metal Lanterns
EUR 35.39 - EUR 70.82
Twinkle Gold String Lights Twinkle Gold String Lights
EUR 11.47 - EUR 53.10
Lillian Brass Metal Lantern
Selected Color: Brass
Lillian Brass Metal Lantern
EUR 26.53 - EUR 88.54
Kora Vases Kora Vases
EUR 53.10 - EUR 88.54
Twinkle Silver String Lights Twinkle Silver String Lights
EUR 11.47 - EUR 26.53
Ivory Pillar Candles
Selected Color: Ivory
Ivory Pillar Candles
EUR 4.38 - EUR 11.47
White Pillar Candles
Selected Color: White
White Pillar Candles
EUR 4.38 - EUR 11.47
Oslo Crystal Candle Holders Oslo Crystal Candle Holders
EUR 9.70 - EUR 35.39
Make your home merry and bright with Christmas decor from Crate and Barrel. Stylish and on-trend, our seasonal holiday decorations can light up a space. Find all the Christmas decorating essentials you need, including nutcrackers, candles and candle holders, ornament trees, advent calendars, vases, and more. Give your living room a cheery feel with our holiday pillows and throws with festive prints and patterns. Add a final touch with our holiday wreaths, garland and artificial holly. We also have Christmas decor for the bedroom, including holiday quilts and sheet sets. Shop our selection of Christmas decor for a fun, festive holiday. For more holiday inspiration, check out our Christmas centerpiece ideas.
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