Cocktail & Whiskey Glasses

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Cocktail Glasses & Whiskey Glasses Complete the Home Bar

Stock up the home bar for your next soiree with an assortment of unique cocktail glasses and whiskey glasses. Hosting a laid-back gathering for game day? Make sure the shelves behind the counter are filled with beer and double old-fashioned glasses, as well as wine and champagne glasses for those with a more refined taste. As everyone waits for kickoff, put your mixology skills on display with a cocktail glasses set. Begin by grabbing the nearby jigger and shaker, then concoct a batch of popular favorites—Americanos, Bellinis and bloody Marys included. For others who want a fruity touch, keep fun cocktail glasses such as martini and margarita glasses on hand, too. Offer mocktail versions for guests who prefer them. Either way, serve libations that are shaken or stirred in a set of coupe glasses. Another benefit of cocktail glasses: some can also be used as everyday drinkware. Think highball glasses filled with ice water and cooler glasses with lemonade or juice. Complete the setup with classic whiskey glasses that appease beginning drinkers and connoisseurs alike. Be sure to consider every style and brand available, such as Riedel whiskey glasses, when selecting the best cocktail glasses for your home.

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