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Why use cloth napkins instead of paper?

Cloth napkins are not only better for the environment, but they look nicer and can help you to save money compared to paper napkins. Created from a variety of fabrics, cloth napkins are sturdy enough for everyday use but are elegant for formal events, such as weddings and holiday parties. Commonly constructed from cotton, linen and other washable, stain-resistant materials, cloth napkins are designed for easy care and years of use.

Another advantage of cloth napkins is that, when used outdoors, they won't blow away in the wind. They are more durable and absorbent that paper and don't rip. Since these napkins aren't single use, they save trees and produce less waste.

When decorating a formal dining room table, use them in conjunction with napkin rings, or fold dinner napkins into a wide range of fancy designs. Color coordinate your table with matching placemats or table cloths for a stylish place setting.

Cloth napkins come in a wide range of colors, patterns and materials. They also are available in a variety of sizes and shapes including square and rectangular.

No matter what meal you are serving, from breakfast to lunch and dinner, cloth napkins will make your table feel special and will elevate your table and style. Try different patterns to decorate your table year round in a functional way.

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