How to Hang Curtains

Creating a beautiful window treatment starts with choosing the look you'd like for the room. First consider the length of the curtain, then which type of top treatment will work best in your space. From a dramatic entryway to a casual kitchen, the details you choose for your windows make a difference in defining the style of the room.

Curtains on curtain rod


All of our curtain panel heights are measured from the top of the rod pocket to the bottom of the hem. The length of your curtains should mirror the style of the room, from dramatic to relaxed.

63" Curtains

Falling just above the sill, 63” panels are great for more casual rooms, such as the kitchen or a bedroom.

Hanging curtains guide - 63 inches

84" Curtains

These curtains are casual but have a tailored look that elongates the appearance of the window.

Hanging curtains guide - 84 inches

96" Curtains

Drapes that are 96” typically hang about 1” off the floor, turning a window into a statement. Try this length in spaces such as the family room or dining room.

Hanging curtains guide - 96 inches

108" Curtains

Create a luxurious effect with longer curtains that “puddle” beautifully on the floor. This treatment is usually reserved for low-traffic rooms that are slightly more elegant, such as the living room or formal dining room.

Hanging curtains guide - 108 inches

Top Treatment

The way your curtains hang from the hardware makes a difference in how they drape. Choose from rod pocket, grommet, rings or double rods to create different effects in different rooms.

Rod Pocket

Perhaps the most common type of top treatment, these curtains have a generous 3” “pocket” along the top that easily slips over a curtain rod.

Blue curtains


Rod pocket curtains can also be used with rings for a more contemporary look that glides easily along the rod.

Black curtain rod


Grommet top offers a more modern look that lets curtains glide on the rod with ease, making it a good choice for windows that are opened and closed often.

Grey grommet curtains

Double Rods

Behind the beauty of a layered window treatment is usually a double rod. This hardware makes it easy to get creative by mixing color, pattern and materials, such as an opaque cotton drape in front of a sheer linen panel. During colder months, layer two heavier drapes to help insulate the room.

Double curtain rod

How to Measure

After deciding the length of your curtains, decide the total width. Do you want a smooth, tailored appearance when your window curtains are closed, or do you prefer a fuller, more dramatic look? One of our designer’s tips and tricks: Calculate 1.5 to 3 times the width of the window depending on the fullness you'd like.

In addition to measuring the width of the window, determine how much overlap of hanging curtains you'd like on each side (1-3” is typical).

Curtain rods are usually mounted 4” from the top of the window. Add height to a room by mounting the rod closer to the ceiling. If you are using curtain rings, add approximately 1.5–2” to your measurements.


Curtain width

Window Sill

Window sill length curtains

Apron Length


Floor Length

Hanging curtains guide - Floor length

We also invite you to come into our stores and talk with one of our associates, who can help you with decorating ideas, tips on how to hang curtains and choosing the right drapery hardware for your windows.

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