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Bakeware Sets Complete the Kitchen

Round out your cookware collection with convenient bakeware sets. They make ideal gifts for the baker in your life, and are also a smart housewarming or wedding present. Not much of a chef yourself? Baking sets give you the tools to learn. 6-piece assortments typically include a baking sheet, muffin tray, loaf pan and beyond, preparing you for whatever dish you want to make. 10- or 13-piece bakeware sets even feature items like cake pans and brownie pans to expand your dessert capabilities. Be sure to consider the size of your kitchen and your culinary goals when selecting pieces for your home. The best part? Non-stick bakeware sets keep the finished product looking picturesque, and also make cleanup a breeze. Pick the baking set that's right for you, grab an oven mitt and get cooking. Just remember to have a cooling rack or trivet on-hand to protect your countertops and table.

Bakeware Set Styles and Brands

In addition to factors such as size and included tools, consider the style and brand of baking set you're looking for. Ceramic bakeware sets, for example, have a smooth non-stick surface that's also scratch-resistant. Want to keep an eye on your creations as they cook? Glass bakeware sets let you monitor their progress and watch them take shape. If you like the sleek and classic look of aluminum bakeware, brands such as All Clad have options that heat your dishes evenly. Or, explore Pyrex bakeware for minimalist and transparent designs.