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Cake Pans: Springform, Nonstick and More

Whether you're preparing for an event or just having fun in the kitchen, cake pans elevate your baked goods. Celebrate loved ones with a birthday cake, or get adventurous and try baking carrot cake, pound cake and beyond. Nonstick cake pans keep your creation looking as good as it tastes. Plus, they make cleanup quick and easy. If you want another way to make sure that your cake stays intact after baking, springform cake pans from brands such as Calphalon avoid the risks of removing your cake from a traditional pan. Instead, simply detach the siding and dig in. Pans of different shapes allow you to customize the look of your cake. For example, round ones have a classic charm, while square cake pans offer more room to decorate the top of the finished product. Looking for a fun and delicious alternative to the standard cake? Bundt cake pans give your treat an eye-catching look.

Loaf and Bread Pans

Much like bakeware for cake, bread pans are another kitchen staple. Make a delicious and satisfying loaf of white or wheat bread, or appease your sugar tooth with a decadent banana bread. Loaf pans accommodate sweet and savory flavors alike. If you're in need of a dinner entree, use the item as a meatloaf pan. Sleek designs from brands like Cuisinart help your dishes look as good as they taste. Those made of steel heat your baked goods evenly and consistently, while stoneware bread pans are both stylish and sturdy. When selecting a bread pan for your kitchen, be sure to consider your culinary goals, as well as the storage space you have available. Smaller loaf pans often fit comfortably in cupboards, while larger ones might require a different place to live.

Pie Pans and Dishes of Metal, Glass and Beyond

In addition to cake and bread bakeware, pie pans are a creative way to round out your kitchen. Metal pie pans conduct heat especially well, while ceramic ones come in different colors and shapes that complement your other bakeware and dinnerware. For example, fluted pie pans add a playful edge to your creations and double as attractive serveware. If you want to monitor your treat as it bakes, glass pie pans are the tools for the job. Be sure to remember to keep the pieces' dimensions in mind when choosing a pie dish. 9-inch pie pans are a common size for the kitchen, though bigger and smaller options accommodate your oven (and your appetite). Round out your baking capabilities with modern muffin pans, and enjoy a feast of tasty culinary delights.