Why Juice?

The easiest way to start living healthier is to, first and foremost, add in more fruits and vegetables. But going back to garden-fresh basics doesn't have to be boring. Think beyond plain salads. Personal juicers allow you to create all sorts of flavor profiles while extracting tons of vitamins and minerals from ingredients. Combine any variety of your favorite in-season foods like apples, bananas, kiwis, celery, kale and more for a unique creation catered to your taste. Simply feed in your juicer the fruits and veggies to be left with a convenient, healthful liquid, perfect for on-the-go drinking. There's no easier way to get more nutrient-dense foods into your daily diet, and the benefits of juicing extend far beyond the glass.

Entertaining with Juicing

Set up a juice bar. Gather a wide array of ingredients ranging in flavor from sweet to sour and spicy to mild. Include classics like lemons, oranges, spinach, beets and carrots as well as some unexpected items such as fresh ginger and turmeric, fennel, horseradish root and more. Encourage guests to dress up their beverages with a couple of garnish options. You can't go wrong with mint and basil. Also offer a variety of colored or patterned straws. Not only does it make the juice more fun, but it helps differentiate one person's drink from another's if set down somewhere. If you choose to include alcohol at your DIY juice bar, stick with clear liquors or sparkling wines, so as not to reduce the vibrancy of the drinks. Alternatively, if you're hosting a gathering with an emphasis on imbibing, such as a dinner party or cocktail hour, breaking out the juicer can make guests who don't drink feel welcomed and special.

Host a healthy brunch. Citrus juicers and orange presses are the perfect brunching tool, as they result in the freshest way to begin your day. Give tried and true 100% orange juice a twist by adding a couple of carrots, the spice of which perks up the beverage and makes the flavor fuller and more dynamic. Balance out the hashbrowns and toast on your brunch menu with a vibrant green juice. Start with a base of bananas, then had a few heaping handful of spinach. Wait until the mixture is smooth before adding in your other fruity sweeteners like berries or mango. While the amount of spinach you're adding may seem like it will overpower the fruit, its mild flavor is barely noticeable over the sweetness of the other ingredients.

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